Marooned Off Vesta

This photo was inspired by the short story "Marooned Off Vesta" by Isaac Asimov, written in 1939. His stories are filled with such an intricacy, imagination, and intelligence. If there's one thing that continues to inspire me, it's science fiction. 

The caption below is the moment in the story where the inspiration came from.

"Clumsily he groped his way out to the side of the ship. He had never been outside a ship in open space before and a vast dread overtook him as he clung there, flylike, to his precarious perch. For a moment dizziness overcame him.

He closed his eyes and for five minutes hung there, clutching the smooth sides of what had once been the Silver Queen. The magnetic grapple held him firm and when he opened his eyes once more he found his self-confidence in a measure returned."