Caspian - Waking Season

So Caspian's newest album "Waking Season" came out and I am blown away. I've been a pretty hardcore Caspian fan for about five years. And even though it's been a few years since their last release "Tertia", that captivation I had when I first heard them that has been hibernating inside was stirred right back up with Waking Season. Like a child on Christmas day, or falling in love, or whatever.

This album is so much brighter and kinder than their previous one. Though their signature power and epicness is still all over this record. It's as if Waking Season was made to stir up every happy memory I've ever had and keeps me immersed in them for as long as I'm listening. Kind of like a Patronus in Harry Potter. Kind of.. You get the idea. Overall it seems to be a much more mature and solid album for these dudes. It's refreshing, inspiring, powerful, and inviting.
Do yourself a favor and listen to this work of art.